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January European Ski Breaks

For those who are not tied down to school holidays, January is the perfect time to take to the slopes. We’ve come up with five reasons as to why you should go skiing in Europe this January!


Excellent Ski Conditions

If you talk to any local, they will tell you that the best chances of good snow are in January. Yes, the temperature may be slightly lower however the snow is more likely to be in better condition- especially with less people churning it up! The condition of the snow should also mean that all of the available lifts in the resort are running.


Empty Pistes

After the rush of Christmas and the New Year, the pistes can seem deserted in January. Children are back at school and many people with families take their annual leave over the Christmas period/February half-term. For those that dislike queuing for lifts, dodging snaking ski schools and busy restaurants, January is the month for you!


Accommodation Ski Deals

January is the time of the season to get the best value for money when it comes to accommodation. This year’s season is no exception. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve will fall on a Saturday, and Christmas Day and New Year’s Day on a Sunday. Because of this, the majority of operators have changed their usual Saturday/Sunday departure dates so that guests do not have to travel on festive days. To get back into operating on the usual departure days, operators are offering short break options for the first week of January at great prices! So if you are thinking about a short ski break, we suggest you take advantage of this week in January.


Group Holiday Heaven

January is one of the best times for a group ski holiday without having to contend with crowds and queuing. Take advantage of the accommodation deals, short stay availability and take over the restaurants and bars in resort.


Beat the January Blues

According to research, the most depressing day of the year falls on the third Monday in January. ‘Blue Monday’ is the 20th January this year, so what better time to take a ski/snowboard holiday?


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