Driving through Europe


Scenic Drives from the UK to Europe via The Channel Tunnel

While the Eurotunnel is a speedy way to cross the English Channel, there is no need to take the fast route through the iconic scenes of the surrounding journey.


Folkestone Harbour is the perfect pit stop before embarking on your overseas journey. With plenty of parking, quirky restaurants and fresh fish, the old-fashioned quay is an ideal place to stretch your legs before travelling through the tunnel.


Departing from Folkestone, the Eurotunnel allows you to drive aboard Le Shuttle and arrive in France around 35 minutes later. Bookings aren’t required, but for cheaper prices and a more organised trip, it is advisable to book in advance via the Eurotunnel website.


Upon arriving in Calais, France, potential driving routes are endless. Rather than hurrying inland, why not go against the crowd and drive along France’s Opal Coast? By following the D940 south from Calais, you can appreciate the enticing green coastline, and discover the historic area where Julius Caesar declared his invasion of Britain.


Moving on, Italy seems like the next viable destination, but taking a detour through Switzerland could be the best decision you have ever made. By heading to Lake Geneva you can tick all of the boxes of a perfect and picturesque experience, with clear blue skies over the lake, and botanical gardens surrounding it.


Munich, Milan or Florence sound the most appealing for the next measure of your drive, so choose whichever takes your fancy. Florence oozes rich and picturesque art that is worth rushing to, and the symbolic and architectural gem, The Basilica, is not one to be passed without a few snapshots.


The likes of Venice and Rome speak for themselves, and are likely already on your bucket list, but the ultimate finale to your scenic tour could certainly be found in Croatia. Taking the E70 from Venice, via Slovenia, will see you enter the tranquil cities that Croatia has on offer. Banje Beach boasts the best views of the Old Town walls in Dubrovnik, while also being the perfect spot to watch the world go by.


However, nobody said your journey must conclude here, and with the wheels beneath your feet, you are free to create your own guidelines and go with the flow of your desires.


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