Channel Tunnel Travel Tips



The beauty of being a hotel based by the Channel Tunnel? Many people choose to head our way so that they are prepared for the most exciting leg of their latest European road trip. The sense of adventure from a road trip around Europe is one that stays with you for the rest of your life, bringing with it the freedom and independence that a flight often does not. You’re also not distracted by the problem of negotiating your way around a new country by public transport every day, as having your own vehicle for comfort gives you free reign to enjoy travelling to those overseas events you’ve dreamed of witnessing live.


Sporting events outside of the UK in particular give you decisions to make. Do we travel by plane, or do we attempt a road trip by car?

Car enthusiasts and sports fans in particular use the Channel Tunnel on a regular basis during the year, as service operates around-the-clock, 365 days a year, to take the hassle out of travelling as well as offering up to three departures an hour during peak periods.

The 18/19th June marks the 93rd running of the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours event, a must-see for motorsport and classic car fans, and an event that makes using the Tunnel a popular choice.

In fact, the journey from Folkestone to the circuit’s location in Maine is estimated at a mere four-and-a-half hours, with just a 35-minute Tunnel journey in between the hotel and your arrival at Calais. In fact, you could set off from our Holiday Inn Express on the morning of the race and still make it to your campsite before the Tricolour waves to start the famous race on 18th June.

Football fans also have reason to benefit from traveling to Europe this way, as England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales all battle it out in Euro 2016 between 10th June and 10th July. It only comes once every four years, so the trip to France with your friends via the Tunnel is a money saver not to be sniffed at!

You’re not just limited to France, of course. The 35-minute journey overseas gives you free reign of Europe, with your own car for comfort.

What can be better than experiencing the atmosphere of a Bundesliga football match in Germany? How about the passion of visiting an ‘el Clasico’ clash in Spain? Or how about joining the spine-tingling scenes with Italy’s ‘Tifosi’ at the Italian Grand Prix?

Where do you start your next road trip adventure? Start it with us at Holiday Inn Express Folkestone!


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