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Champagne Tours via The Channel Tunnel

The sun is shining and the champagne is bubbling – a perfect recipe for fun and relaxation! The most popular season for taking holidays is approaching, and if you’re after the perfect excuse to drink fizz and enjoy the sun, you might want to think about driving through the Channel Tunnel and visiting the place where it was born; the region of Champagne itself.


The bubbling cities of Reims and Epernay boast several unique Champagne houses and vineyards that you can not only tour, but lodge at as well. Here are some of the perfect places to begin sampling the sparkling delights that Champagne has to offer:


Cris-Event Champagne Tours, Reims

Price: A half day tour is €62 per person, and a full day tour is €180 per person

Arguably one of the most popular Champagne tours in the region, Cris-Event gives tourists the chance to experience how Champagne is created from the ground to the cellar. Cris-Event also offers tourists the chance to have private tours, including a chance to enjoy some champagne as you’re guided on a river cruise around the area. Can it get more luxurious than that?


The Moët & Chandon Cellars, Epernay

Price: €10 – €23 per person depending on which experience you’d like

Those of you with a penchant for fine champagne will have most likely tasted the most popular and priciest of the champagne brands – Moët & Chandon. As of 2016, they are allowing tourists to come and explore their wine cellars to learn about how they became the most coveted champagne brand in the world. A rare treat not to be missed.


Parva Domus, Épernay

Price: €90 for a double room including breakfast

There’s no reason why your tours can’t incorporate the culture of Champagne itself – so why not opt to stay at the Parva Domus in Champagne’s capital, Épernay? Dubbed “the world’s most drinkable address”, the Parva Domus treats its guests to a free flute on arrival and has a labyrinth-like cellar where they produce their product. Drink to your hearts content, knowing that you can safely return to your room if you feel you’ve had a little too much fun.


The Champagne region in France sparkles just as much as its famous wine does, with many modern and historical attractions to keep you discovering new things to love about it. Be sure to book your tour today to make memories that you’ll always be reminded of at the pop of any cork.


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