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Wine Trips to France via The Channel Tunnel

France is the wine lover’s perfect destination. Whether it’s a sauvignon by Pont Neuf, or a cheeky fizz in Champagne, France is the place to be.


By taking the Eurotunnel, the short train journey will take you to the idyllic port city of Calais. If you’re here for a day trip, then Calais is the perfect place to stock up on cheap wine deals. This northern region of the country is home to some unique shops, including The Calais Wine Superstore and Pidou. Both superstores are recognised for attracting tourists to buy their discounted wine deals – ideal for those family summer parties.


For those who want something a bit more chic, the enchanting (and appropriately named) area of Champagne is a premium wine region; one of the closest to Calais. Here you can explore the cathedrals, museums, and of course, the local vineyards. Many organisations, such as Grape Escapes, offer wine tasting tours in the area, so you can relax and have the stress of holiday planning taken away.


If you’re wanting a bit more freedom, head to the heart of Paris to explore the many wine bars and restaurants that await you on every corner. Whilst the French are renowned for their passion for food, eating out in the city centre can easily take a bite out of your budget. For an inexpensive meal, keep your eye out for the prix fixe menus that many restaurants offer. You’ll receive at least two courses for a set (and extremely reasonable) price – which means more money to spend on wine!


Another way to save money in restaurants is to order a pichet du vin, which is usually a quarter or half a litre jug of wine. It’s also a good idea to eat and drink at midday rather than during the evening, as many restaurants will provide similar meal and drinks offers, but at a much lower price than their night time menus.


Top tip: If you find you’ve had a little too much wine (ahem) then ordering a carafe of tap water will save you a significant amount. Restaurants and bars often charge more for bottled water and soft drinks than wine!


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