Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Summer Trips to Europe

Fancy heading to the continent this summer? Scared of heights or just can’t bear to leave the dog at home? The Channel Tunnel is the way forward for your next holiday. With a 35-minute journey from Folkestone, the tunnel is roughly the size of 8 football pitches and considered one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. It’s no wonder why millions of people choose this method of travel to get to the continent every year.


From France, you can even reach as far as China (yes it is very possible, check Google Maps!). If you fancy staying within Europe this summer you have the delights of Italy with the historic sights of the Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Perhaps Greece and its idyllic beaches and delicious cuisine, or Germany and its renowned mountain range for snow sports. If none of that takes your fancy you have another 47 countries to choose from!


Taking your car abroad this summer gives you an unlimited amount of freedom and independence and best of all no baggage limits. Check our post on European driving laws and regulations here. It also has motorway to motorway access on both sides so no long drives to get to and from each end. When purchasing your travel ticket, you just pay for your car and you can take as many passengers as your car can carry at no extra charge. Much easier and cheaper than flights for the whole family.


It is even easier to take all the family now with the Pets Travel Scheme opening in 2000, since then over 1 million pets have traveled through the tunnel, ranging from ferrets, cats, dogs and even horses have traveled the tunnel. Have a look at our post here on our top travel tips and all regulations for your furry friends.


The Tunnel isn’t just for family holidays, more and more people are using it to get to and from business meetings and trips every day. Having your car with you makes traveling to meetings a whole lot easier and relaxing. Open 365 days a year it is perfect for European trade deals and trips.


So what are you waiting for? Pack up the car, grab the passports including the pets and start your European adventure!

Share your images of your travels on social media using the hashtag #TunnelTrips and we will share our favourite ones! 

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