Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Family trips in France this summer

With the cold winds gusting across the UK this February, we are all wondering where to go on vacation in Europe with the kids during this spring holiday. As winter drags on, we are all ready to enjoy some warm weather and now is definitely a good time to research, find great prices and book a trip. Family vacations are not cheap and with airline tickets being expensive- why not take the car and drive to your families dream destination!


One of the easiest ways for a spring vacation is travelling to the neighbouring country and within the UK there are many ways to get to France, via the Channel Tunnel. The tunnel is located just around the corner from us at the Holiday Inn Express Folkestone linking UK and France together.


Disneyland Paris (Chessy, France)

With its iconic theme parks, Film Studios and Disney Village, Disneyland Paris really IS the home of magic. Your family will get to see their favourite characters come to life in rides, character meetings and meals! Let the children enjoy the magic, while you get to relive your childhood dreams! The Magic is Closer than you think


Futureoscope Theme Park (Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France)

Futuroscope – France’s second largest leisure park – is a theme park of the future! The rides are interactive, where you wear binoculars, 3D glasses, and sensor bracelets. You travel virtually, in simulators. As you’re tipped, plunged and bumped around in flying spaceships or about to collide head-on with a lorry at speed, you still get a thrill, but all the while you know that you, your blood pressure – and your kids – can’t come to any real harm.


Haribo Museum (Uzès, France)

A sweet lover’s paradise (adult or child!) Start your visit off with a bag of your favourite Haribo sweets! As you spend a few hours in the museum you can enjoy sweet making machines and many interactive displays to keep you and your family entertained! You’ll learn about the history of candy manufacturing- while sampling them yourselves!


Travelling can be a hassle and there are hotels in Folkestone that easily accommodate families travelling through the Eurotunnel. The Holiday Inn Express is affordable and located one mile away, offering free breakfast, car parking and Wi-Fi services and can break up your travel if you live further away. Now the exciting time to book up and surprise your kids with a sunny vacation in France, going to the Futuroscope theme park, the Haribo museum and maybe even a lifetime memorable trip to Disneyland!

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