Driving through Europe


Packing the Car for a Ski Holiday

The British love a good ski/snowboard holiday, but why fly when you can avoid busy airports and luggage restrictions. To top it all off, when you do arrive, you won’t have to hire a car! It all sounds like a great idea until you find yourself stuck on a mountain digging your beached car out with your frozen hands, in the pitch black. Luckily, with a few simple bits of kit and knowledge of local driving laws, you’ll be well on your way and ready for whatever the slopes have in store for you! Here’s our guide to the equipment you’ll need and the top tips you’ll be grateful to know.



  • You can be fined on the spot for up to €135 for not having the following mandatory items in most European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland):
    • a warning triangle
    • a reflective safety jacket for each person in the car (except for Switzerland)
    • A first-aid kit
    • Headlamp converter kit
    • a GB sticker
    • Snow chains
    • Breathalyser testing kit


  • Unlike the UK, European countries such as France require you by law to have many more documents with you in the car. Here is a list of them:
    • Driving License
    • Passport(s)
    • Car registration Booklet (V5)
    • Insurance certificate (with the statement that you are covered to drive in the countries your travelling through)
    • In date MOT certificate


  • Equipment Checklist
    • A snow shovel – such as a fold up metal shovel.
    • Windscreen scraper – the bigger the better!
    • Firm bristle brush for clearing your car of snow.
    • A fully charged torch/head-torch – for keeping the hands free whilst fitting snow chains in the dark.
    • Blankets – in case of a breakdown/major traffic jam.
    • Water and snack food – as above.
    • Warm clothing – Warm and waterproof gloves, a warm hat, and ski jacket in case of any unwanted adventures on the mountain requiring you to fit snow chains/ dig the car out of a snow bank/ push your car off an icy parking spot or all of the above!
    • Sponge – for cleaning headlights/wing mirrors.
    • Maps and/or satellite navigation


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TOP TIP: Make sure your antifreeze is topped up and you have plenty of strong windscreen-wash solution.




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