Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Get ready to Ski Europe!

Get ready to Ski to Europe!

Begin your ski holiday to Europe with us at the Holiday Inn Express in Folkestone.  You’ve already had a journey to get this far, so why not stay the night with only a mile to get to the Euro tunnel? It really IS that close.

We aim to please our guests with whatever services you may need. Whether it be a drink at the bar, a big breakfast or delicious evening meal, or more importantly a peaceful night’s sleep before your big trip.

We know that for many of our loyal and new guests using the Channel tunnel, driving in a different country can be a daunting experience. That’s why our experienced team can check your car to make sure it fulfils all EU requirements. We remind you to stock up on plenty of fuel for when you exit the tunnel, create a checklist of documentation including your insurance and MOT. We’re even prepared to help with adjusting your lights, seeing as you must drive on the right-hand side once you head off into the continent! (We’re sure you knew that bit)

If you’re off on a ski break, the end of the season is a fantastic time to try out the slopes in a variety of locations – France in particular. There can be occasions where there is lack of snow, if so we can help you with alternative routes and suggestions which will still guarantee you an enjoyable stay abroad.

If you’re a beginner to skiing or still not clued up on the destination you are visiting, we have WiFi here in our hotel for you to do any research to plan your stay-or perhaps even to check-in online to let friends know about your exciting trip!

On your return, why not come back to us to complete your experience?

Heading off to France for a ski break? Start your drive off well-rested by getting a good night’s sleep at the Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel! We’ll set you on your way after a good night’s sleep and an Express Start Breakfast!



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