Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Top Tips For Driving In The Snow This Winter

Are you thinking of making a long-distance journey this Winter?




Driving in snow and ice can be very tricky. Read these top tips on how to get around safely this Winter.


The best way to stay safe this winter when traveling by car is to pack an all-important Winter survival kit before you set off on your adventure. Your winter survival kit should include food and water, warm clothing or a blanket, a first aid kit, a torch, a fully charged mobile phone, a shovel, jump leads, and an ice scraper. These are the essentials you should have in your car before you make any long-distance journeys – especially journeys into Europe via the Channel Tunnel!


Did you know that batteries last no longer than 5 years! Your car battery will be strained this season thanks to lights, heating and wipers. To save your car battery here’s a top tip: Turn off electrical loads like lights and wipers before trying to start your engine. Before you set off make sure you give yourself plenty of time and check your fuel levels. Keep your fuel levels high, ensure you have an extra quarter tank of fuel before you travel so then you are prepared for any unexpected delays.


Finally try and plan your routes, ensure that you are travelling on main roads. These roads are most likely to have been gritted and cleared so you can get to your destination safely.


If you are making any long-distance journeys this Winter. Please drive carefully and be safe.


So there you have it – follow these top tips to ensure that you are fully prepared when you set off on your Winter adventure from Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel!



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