Top Five Tips to Save Money while Travelling

We all like to save money, especially whilst on holiday. It is so easy to overspend whilst abroad but hopefully, these top tips will help you pinch those pennies.


  1. As soon as you get there, find your tourist information centre. They will be a hotbed of discount coupons, free maps and local free events.
  2. Don’t withdraw cash from an ATM. The exchange rate will be very poor. You could also be charged a hefty fee!
  3. Walk where ever you can. Not only is this eco-friendly but you will save on petrol and parking costs. You will also get to take in sights you might miss if you drive. After all, you are on holiday! Take it slow, take in some sights. You’re not in a rush!
  4. Shop locally for food and produce. Ask your hostel/hotel/apartment owner or receptionist to direct you to farmers markets or local bargain food shops. You will find lots of great offers and local yummy produce!
  5. Research your trip before you go. Research free museums, discount vouchers and maps. Create a rough itinerary to save you time while away, give yourself lots of options in case the weather isn’t as planned or you simply don’t fancy doing what you had originally envisioned. Another great reason to research before you go is to save on using mobile data abroad or even paying for Wifi.


Just a sneaky bonus tip from us is if you are staying in a hotel, book well in advance to get the best rates. Ensure your hotel is best suited for your location to save time and money on travelling. Holiday Inn Express Folkestone Channel Tunnel is located near junction 12 of the M20, just a mile from the Eurotunnel and just 20 minutes drive from Dover Ferry terminal. We are the perfect place to start your European trip this summer.

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