Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Taking your pet to Europe: It is easier than you think when you know the rules.

Over 43% of people in the UK own a pet of one variety or another. Lots of people like to refer to these furry creatures as one of the family. So when the family holiday rolls around why do so many of these furry members of the family stay at home? With these easy rules, you can now take everyone on holiday to Europe!

Pets such as dogs, cats and ferrets can travel around Europe freely if they have the following:

  1. They must have a pet passport! It may sound like a novelty item but indeed like every other citizen your pet must have a passport as proof they are fit for travel and show all vaccinations are up to date. Your vet will be able to sort all the information needed to get issued a pet passport.
  2.  They must be microchipped this must be done before any vaccinations required to travel abroad.
  3. They must have a rabies vaccination. Have your pet vaccinated against rabies after having a microchip. There is no exemption – it doesn’t matter if your pet has already had a rabies vaccination before.
  4. If you are coming back to the UK before you take your pet on the mode of transport you are using to travel abroad, you must get it treated against tapeworm. This is a simple inexpensive procedure but very important. You must do this not less than 24 hours before you check in and 1-5 days before you check in. The check must be recorded in your pet’s passport. If you are going on a day trip with your pet, you will need to have the treatment carried out in the UK 1-5 days before they are checked in for the return journey.


Following these steps, you are well on your way to taking your beloved pet on holiday. We recommend you think about where you will be holidaying and be mindful of the temperature, your pet might not be used to big changes in the weather. Ensure your pet stays hydrated, keep them in the shade and keep some pet sun cream on hand for the shorter coated variety!

When travelling through the Channel Tunnel on the Eurotunnel, it is only £18 per pet one way, they have dedicated pet exercise areas with complimentary dog waste bags. You can travel 365 days a year with no restrictions. It is so easy to take your pet on holiday so why not?!

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