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Skiing in January!

If you are wanting a scenic getaway to start the new year with, then why not go skiing this January. Here are 5 reasons why you should pack your skis, get in your car and head for the slopes…


  1. Value for Money 
    Skiing in January is considerably cheaper than hitting the slopes in February, especially if you decide to drive.

2. Group Holiday Galore

Finding it hard to find a good location for your group holiday? January is the best time for groups to explore the slopes without school trips getting in the way, making it easier for you to get to your Apres-Ski.

  1. Fantastic Piste Conditions

January is the snowiest time to get that perfect for those wanting to perfect their Fakie. The expected average snowfall is 132cm January, so you won’t be disappointed if you book to go skiing In January.

  1. Scenic Views

With sunny skies and cold temperatures embrace the gorgeous views up in the mountains every day you are there. The gloomy days are fading away and spring is creeping around the corner, skiing In January won’t disappoint you and will leave you breathless from its beauty.

  1. Empty Pistes

Skiing in January guarantees you will get around faster than ever. The empty pistes mean no queuing for lifts, no busy restaurants and no school trips. Making it the perfect relaxing holiday to beat the January blues.

So why delay your 2018 winter holiday? Start your ski trip off at The Holiday Inn Express Folkestone, which will make your drive effortlessly easy to get to via the Channel Tunnel.

So you can start gliding down those slopes as soon as possible!

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