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Planning your roadtrip through the Channel Tunnel – A Guide

Planning a family holiday can be a stressful experience in itself – but planning a family driving break can be your worst nightmare if you’re not prepared. Unhappy children can lead you to utter the infamous ‘I’ll turn this car around!’, so avoid the temptation and make sure you’re road trip ready with these tips.

Tick off your travel checklist

Despite travelling through a tunnel, you are crossing a border into another country – an easy thing to forget. There’s going to be a huge checklist to tick off before you leave – make sure you’re not forgetting the important things:
– Valid UK Passports for all travel companions (including pets!)
– Currency
– Medication
– Insurance

Find hotels near the channel tunnel

Finding hotels near the channel tunnel can ultimately save you time and money when planning an overnight stay. Whether you’re driving hours from the North or simply driving half an hour, staying close to home can save a lot of trouble during a busy holiday season. Book a hotel close to the channel tunnel to avoid unwanted holiday traffic.


Travelling with kids normally means you’ll be packing a lot of extras – extra snacks, extra toys and extra clothes, and on top of that, you’ll want to leave space for your shopping hauls when you return. A clever trick to save space in your car is to roll your clothes up when packing your suitcase – utilising the space this way means you’ll bring less suitcases and bags with you and save yourself the trouble of playing Tetris when packing luggage into the car.

So there you have it! We’re sure our list will help you plan that all important summer holiday through the Channel Tunnel and into Europe in 2018!

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