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New Years Traditions Around Europe

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, we at Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel decided to take a look at how our European friends celebrate the turn of the New Year!




On New Year’s Day, Belgian kids read ‘New Year’s Letters’ to their godparents that they have written at school! The kids will decorate these letters with traditional items such as ribbons, roses, and cherubs!




Our Danish friends like to have a ‘SMASHING’ start to the New Year – by smashing plates on their neighbour’s doorsteps! The more broken crockery that is at your front door, the better your luck will be for 2018!




Italians celebrate this special occasion by wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve. This is thought to bring love and good luck to everyone! In Venice, people gather in St. Mark’s Square and celebrate the New Year with a huge kissing session – pucker up!




It is a common practice in Spain to eat 12 grapes in time with the 12 chimes of the clock at midnight – again, this is said to bring good luck and a happy year to everyone who completes this frankly delicious task!




The Swiss celebrate New Year’s in a very peculiar way – by dropping a dollop of cream on the floor on New Year’s Day! This is thought to bring luck and a rich year!


So there you have it – New Year is celebrated throughout the world in many different ways! We hope you all have a fantastic New Year from the team at Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel!

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