Easter Traditions Around Europe

Easter is just around the corner! The holiday comes as one of the most important days of the year in the Christian calendar and is celebrated widely across the globe! So whether you love the holiday for Easter Eggs or are more interested in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter means something to everyone.

A recent study showed a whopping 76.2% of European citizens identified as Christians, showcasing the immense popularity in the region on the continent. Here, we’ve scoured the web to find some of the most traditional ways to celebrate the holiday of Easter across Europe.



While our good selves in England tend to celebrate Good Friday by not eating meat, our French neighbours take a more architectural view of the holiday. In France, all church bells fall silent on this day, remaining silent until Easter Sunday. The bells then ring out again on Easter Sunday morning, symbolising the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Eggs are also a huge part of the celebrations in France. Similarly to England, children partake in Easter Egg hunts throughout the morning before going on to have a meal with the entire family – usually L’Agneau Pascal, or ‘Easter Lamb’.


Germans love decorating their houses in Easter! Clay bunnies, crocuses and branches hung with painted eggs are the most common decorations. It is an old tradition to dye and paint eggs which are spread around the house and the garden.

For Germans, the most important Easter celebration is on Saturday evening. Easter bonfires take place across the country to welcome the sun and the spring. This is now a huge social event that most likely continues into a pub with a beer in hand!


The most distinctive Easter custom for Polish is the blessing of the Easter baskets on holy Saturday. These baskets are prepared by families, containing a sampling of Easter foods: a piece of sausage or ham, eggs, salt and pepper, bread, a piece of cake and an Easter Lamb made of sugar.

The Poles are also notorious for their incredible egg designs, featuring stunning designs and notoriously tricky artwork!



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