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Best Hidden Gems In Europe

The Best Hidden Gems in Europe to visit this Summer


Okay, so we’ve all heard of the classic spots to visit for a summer holiday in Europe. From the beauty of the Amalfi Coast to a trip to the Costa Del Sol in Spain, these locations are highly popular with British tourists for their warm weather and stunning views!

However, there are some hidden gems in Europe that are just as beautiful to visit – and a lot less known to tourists around the world!

Piran, Slovenia


 One of the most photogenic cities in the Mediterranean, Piran is a picturesque city steeped in history and culture.

Situated in the beautiful country of Slovenia, enjoy the hustle-and-bustle of the local markets before heading for an evening walk along the marina, taking in all of the incredible coastal views in the process.


Portofino, Italy

 Love the bright lights of Milan, the intricacies of Venice and the vibrancy of Turin? Combine all three and you’ll arrive at Portofino.

With a stunning assemble of vibrant housing, breathtaking scenery and a rich marine culture, this tiny sea village on the Italian Riviera is a must visit if you love the sea breeze/warm sun combination! (Let’s face it, we all do!)


Dinant, Belgium


Dinant is the ultimate home for any adventure – and PERFECT for your roadtrip to Europe. With over 2000km of signposted trails, beautiful rivers and much more, this is the dream for any hikers wanting to tackle some new terrain.


The town also has an interesting history, with the infamous Charles De Gaulle being injured their during the Battle of Dinant in World War I.


So there you have it! If you’re looking for somewhere different to visit this summer, Europe still has plenty to offer – there’s tons of brilliant places on the continent that are virtually undiscovered in terms of tourism!

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