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Best 2018 Roadtrips in Europe

2018 is here! We can’t believe how quickly 2017 passed – but we’re SO EXCITED for the New Year and all of the new travelling opportunities it brings!


From breathtaking beaches to stunning historical attractions, there is something for everyone in Europe – so sit back, relax and continue reading as we run you through our TOP destinations for a 2018 roadtrip in Europe!


Amalfi Coast, Italy



If we asked you to name a route in Europe with more spectacular views than the Amalfi Coast, we’d imagine you would struggle – and rightly so! This stunning coastal trip passes through six cities, allowing you to indulge in the rich heritage and culture of Italian life. The entire drive in total works out at roughly 446 miles, or 9 ½ hours driving, leaving plenty of time to explore this breath-taking part of Southern Europe!

Autobahn, Germany


Germany has long been associated with high-quality, high-performance vehicles – and it is because of routes such as this storied Autobahn that the country remains one of the most driveable destinations in the world!


This stunning 1000km drive from Cologne to Berlin passes through a whole host of cities, perfect to immerse yourself in the German experience.


The main positive about this trip? You’ll enjoy your time in the car just as much as visiting all of these fantastic destinations!


Route Napoleon, France



This route is the perfect combination of history, scenery and motoring perfection. Follow the route taken by Napoleon as he embarked from Elba to Grenoble in the 19th century, passing through the beautiful Alps in the process.


Looking for an even more beautiful experience? Ultimate Drives recommends coming off the route and heading towards the ‘Gorge De Verdon’, a French version of the Grand Canyon that offers stunningly picturesque views of the gorge below.


So there you have it – enjoy your stay at Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel, pack the car and you’re ready for the adventure of a LIFETIME!


Where will 2018 take you?

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