Family Road Trips


What to Pack for the Family on a Road Trip

Everyone knows to pack the basics, but there are 10 important things to bring on your family road trip that most people forget. Whether you’re spending a week in the South of France or heading on a European road trip, make sure you pack smart so you don’t end up spending your time looking for these items at the local supermarket or pharmacy. You’ll save money, time and even your sanity if you plan ahead with these 10 items:

  1. Your child’s blanket or teddy – Getting ready to leave is always stressful! You’ll have a mental list that you will keep going through in your head… children- check, phone chargers- check, passports- check; yet there are certain things that get left behind. Certain things that will put a dampener on your holiday when you try to put your children to bed on your first night away. The blanket or teddy is one of them.
  2. Wipes (wipes and more wipes) – From side-of-the-road toilets, to spills in the car, there is always a need for wipes, and no matter how many you pack, you’ll always need more! Pack these everywhere, and make sure you’ve got some easily accessible in the car for those ‘oops’ moments along the journey!
  3. Medicines – Well no one plans to get sick whilst on holiday, there is always a chance. We would suggest that you visit your GP before your trip if there is anything that you are concerned about. Stock up on motion sickness tablets for the journey if any of your family gets car sick. Don’t forget the paracetamol, anti-nauseates, plasters and cough medicine; just in case!
  4. Nappies – We know you’ll remember nappies, but there is always that one variety that you’ll forget. Stock up on regular nappies, overnight nappies, swimming nappies; you’ll have at least one of these varieties tucked away in the back of your changing table! If you’re heading on an extended holiday, it would be wise to pack the next size up for your growing family member!
  5. Children’s Socks – Well it might not be socks! You will have outfits packed for your children for every day that you’re away, and there will inevitably be some minor article of clothing that slips your mind! Socks, underwear, onesies, undershirts etc. Double check your children’s case (especially if you let them pack for themselves) to make sure these are included!
  6. Nail Clippers – Who thinks to pack nail clippers? Well you’ll sure wish you would have when little Joseph announces he has a hangnail in the middle of the Channel Tunnel! Top tip: Make sure these are not packed in the bottom of your toiletry bag, make sure you know where they are!
  7. Snacks – Somehow, taking your children on a road trip causes them to eat like they will never see food again! Make sure you bring snacks for the actual road trip, and if you’ve got some picky eaters joining you, it would be smart to pack some of their favourites to keep them satisfied throughout the holiday.
  8. Driving Layers– Well you’re probably travelling somewhere where the heat is more consistent than the British summer can offer. Whilst you’re driving there someone is going to wind up sitting right in front of your vehicles AC vents, so to keep everyone happy make sure you have the options to remove or add layers along the way!
  9. iPads & Tablets – Your children will make sure they bring their iPads, but our top tips are:
    1. Make sure they are fully charged, the last thing you need is siblings fighting over the charging ports;
    2. Make sure they’ve been fully loaded up with games and videos before you leave a free Wi-Fi zone or they will become a very expensive article that you’ll be carrying around!
  10. Batteries – If you’re packing anything that requires a battery, be sure to bring a few replacements; AA, AAA and other varieties. Going Green? Purchase a rechargeable pack that allows you to recharge a variety of sizes that you can plug in along your journey!

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What other items do you pack on a family trip? Did we mention your top favourite? We’d love to hear!

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