Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Getaways with the family via The Channel Tunnel

Going away with the family can be exciting yet daunting at the same time. The packing, transport and organisation can all get a bit much, however going away with the family is a fantastic opportunity to bond and make memories!

Different families prefer different holidays however wherever you go with the kids, no matter what age, there are always challenges to face. Here are some top tips for the family holiday this year to keep everyone occupied and, most importantly, happy.



Let’s face it, planning the journey is the hard part especially if you are heading on a continental road trip packed with everyone in the household! When boredom sets in you don’t know what to expect. Not many people enjoy a screaming baby, a restless toddler or a mobile phone obsessed teenager on their journey so avoid the glares and keep everyone entertained on the journey- trust us it’s crucial.

  • Pack some games for the car or think of some classic road trip games to help pass the time (I spy with my little eye…)
  • Load up the tablets with films that everyone will enjoy (don’t forget the chargers!)
  • Pack a comfort item – your toddlers favourite toy or blanket to help make them feel more at home.

Plan your trip

Having a plan is all well and good however with kids everyone knows that many of those plans can often fall through! Solution: have a backup plan to ensure you make the most of your trip.

Research where you’re going  and prepare yourselves with a list of activities (along with some backups of course) and a top tip: if you’ve got more than one child, give each a turn to make choices from the activities list.

Have a backup in case

  • A key attraction is closed
  • Someone has gotten sick
  • You need to find an activity immediately to get of the car!


Keeping the family entertained along the journey.

With all the new technology readily available it’s easier to keep your kids entertained. While presenting your child with a tablet for the entire journey may keep them occupied and out of trouble, is it really the best way? You want your family to remember their trip and create memories, take in their surroundings and learn – they are not going to do this while looking at a screen.

Here are our alternative ideas to keep your kids entertained sans tablet

  • Explore: Every child, teenager and even adults love to explore, find different places as a family and get your kids to take the photos Sure, they may come out not how you expected but at least they are taking in their surroundings and creating memories.
  • Buy a postcard: Help them write a postcard to their friends and family back home, get them to reflect on their trip and what they enjoyed the most.
  • Make a journal: Encourage your kids to start a journal, suggest that they draw and list the things they have done on holiday or all of the unusual things they have seen.

There are many ways to entertain your family without a screen, go back to being old school! What did you used to do as a kid on holiday? Be adventurous and make the most of your family holiday. After all, they are memories to treasure.

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