Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Europe’s Best Driving Scenery in August

If you suffer from itchy feet, the best cure, aside from some cream, is to put your foot on the accelerator and embark on a European road trip. This year, with petrol at its lowest price in years, there could not be a better time to go out and find that joie de vivre in the stunning scenery that Europe offers.

Verdon Gorge circuit, France
Situated close to the French Riviera, this vast canyon has a reputation for being one of Europe’s most beautiful. One of its distinguishing features is the Verdon River, after which the canyon is named. The crystalline turquoise water is such an intense colour, it really does need to be seen to be believed.
Drivers note: Although non-stop it would take about 4 hours, the hill roads do require a lot of care. Take it slowly.

Alpine Road, Germany
This majestic route stretches out for 450km and offers a varied and impressive panorama. Twisting along the snow-capped Bavarian Alps, the route cuts through several historic German towns in which you are guaranteed to see iconic castles, ornate wooden houses and men in lederhosen (if that’s your thing!)
Drivers note: This is a German road, not a French one, so take advantage of wide lanes and generous speed limits.

Amalfi Coast, Italy
If you have a bit more stamina in your legs, venture further out along this spectacular coastline. You can expect cliffs that erupt from the sea and seamlessly incorporate the gorgeous medieval villages, as if they were carved out of the cliff itself. It’s no surprise then that in 1997, UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Site.
Drivers note:  Optimum times for driving through are May-June and September-October. Try to avoid the area in summer, as high volumes of tourism and the sweltering heat make for a less enjoyable experience.

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