Driving through Europe


European Road Trips

Shall we go on a European road trip? That’s a question that will inevitably cross the minds of many at some stage in life, but where are some of the most popular roads at the opposite end of the Channel Tunnel from Holiday Inn Express Folkestone?

With just a 35-minute trip in the Tunnel separating you from the UK and Calais, a Top Gear-style road trip is not far away. Channel Tunnel service operates round-the-clock, 365 days a year, taking the hassle out of travelling with three departures an hour during peak periods.

One of the most popular road trips of all is the car enthusiast’s dream – a drive around the infamous Nürburgring circuit located in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Known to those in the motorsport world as the “Green Hell”, the 20.832 km Nordschleife is open for visitors to drive their own car around for just €29 for a single lap. Those with more to spend can go for 25 laps at €550. The experience of a circuit famous for some incredible Formula 1 action in the past is one that you remember for a long time.

If this and Germany’s Autobahn are not enough adventure for you, a trip to Northern Italy brings you to a fabulous stretch of tarmac known as the Stelvio Pass. The mountain pass comes at an elevation of 2,757m above sea level and is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, consisting of stunning views and a winding road to test any car you bring with you.

Albeit less than 13 hours away from Calais by car, a place you cannot turn down as a driving enthusiast is the iconic Cote D’Azur, used by Formula 1 for the Monaco Grand Prix. Pass barriers and infamous sections of tarmac graced by your F1 heroes of the past and present as you drive the circuit yourself, with the Harbour, Casino Square and hotels providing extra viewing.

Those visiting the UK also have reason to be excited by a road trip. One of the UK’s biggest competitors for the very best driving road in Europe is arguably Yorkshire’s Blakey Ridge, while the North Coast 500 route around the North of Scotland has been judged the best summer driving road in the country and the fifth best in Europe.

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