Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Drive to Europe this Spring

What is travel these days? Luggage limits, confusing costs, damned delays and endless security lines. The worst part is undoubtedly the tedious time invested in all the hassle of a flight or ferry.

But that isn’t the case with Euro Tunnel.

Waking up after a relaxing night at the Holiday Inn Express Folkestone, you’ll have plenty of time to smell the coffee and indulge in the breakfast buffet. After all, this is the closest hotel to the tunnel.

You can then take a leisurely drive down to le shuttle, where you’ll drive the car onto the tunnel transport train. Just over half an hour later, bonjour France. In fact, you may as well say ciao, hola and guten tag – the tunnel is your gateway to the glory of the entire European continent.

There’s a big summer of sport coming up, with destinations all over Europe providing opportunity for us sports aficionados. Whether you’re watching the sports, or actively participating, using the tunnel is the easiest way to get to all the action. Forget the hassle of excess luggage costs, just throw all your sporting gear into the boot of your car and zoom your way to the continent via the tunnel. And by filling the car with all your sports mad buddies, you instantly make the travel cheaper and even more fun- what with the car stereo and your mates’ banter flowing

To sum it up, there are three awesome reasons to drive the tunnel this summer en route to your sports trip in Europe:

  1. The relaxing ease of staying so close to the tunnel at Holiday Inn Express Folkestone.
  2. Time – you’ll be across the channel in just over half an hour.
  3. Low cost

So what are you waiting for? Get booking!

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