Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Road trip checklist for your vehicle

There is nothing quite like a good road trip through Europe this summer. Packing your bags, hitting the open road and going wherever your heart desires.

It is essential, however, to make sure your vehicle is in top condition to ensure a smooth adventure.  Follow our essential checklist and you’ll be able to sit back, relax and make the best of your journey.

The first point is obvious; make sure you have enough petrol. If you’re planning a long journey, through the Channel Tunnel then we suggest you fill up in Folkestone before you enter the tunnel to avoid a very preventable breakdown if traffic is delayed!

The added mileage can put an understandable strain on your vehicle. While you’re at the petrol station a quick check of the fluids (windscreen wash, coolant, brake fluid and oil) will keep your drive to Europe as smooth as it could be!

Next check the tyres. Ensure the air pressure does not exceed the maximum and don’t forget to check the pressure on your spare tyre. It is easily missed and could make a difficult situation even worse! Whilst we are on the subject, check your tyre wear. You can do this with a penny or thread gauge.  A long journey can really punish your tyres and if your tread is less than 2.5mm you should seriously consider replacing them. They can heat up during long journeys, increasing the chance of blowouts.

Now check clean air is entering your engine by reviewing your air filter. Also give your engine a quick once over to ensure everything appears to be in good condition. Remember a clean engine is a happy engine.

You’ll need some help for the next one. Ensure all lights and signals are fully functional. Turn each light or signal on and ask a friend to confirm each one is working. Replace where appropriate and always carry spares.

Make sure you have all the emergency equipment you need for your journey. This includes an up-to-date map, mobile phone, flashlight, first-aid kit and basic tools along with the spare tyre or puncture repair kit. Also, be sure to make yourself aware of the rules and regulations for other countries that you’ll be driving through! When you exit the Channel Tunnel you’ll be in France- here are our top tips for road trips in France.

Finally give your car a wash, checking your wiper blades and ensuring the windows are clean for top visibility. 

You’re ready to go. The only thing left to do now is decide who is going to pick the music?

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