Driving Abroad with Dogs


What To Do If Your Pet Gets Sick Abroad





It’s never easy seeing your pet sick, no matter where you are – but being abroad with an ill pet can cause serious concerns. Rest assured, your furry companion can get better in no time, as long as you follow the correct procedures before coming back to the UK.

Picture this: You’re relaxing on a beach, the sun in your face, the waves gently crashing against the shore, when all of a sudden you hear a faint whimper – and your little dog, Baxter, is sick!


Find the nearest vet
Preferably an English-speaking vet. If your pet needs treatment, always make sure you get the receipt and any other evidence of your expenses concerning your pet’s treatment if it’s ongoing.

Make a claim with your pet insurance company
Always tell your pet insurance company what’s going on and they’ll let you know if there’s anything else you need to do.

Change in travel arrangements
Let your tour operator know if any transport arrangements can be changed to accommodate you ill pet. Normally, you’ll be able to organise a new ferry or Eurotunnel crossing.

Make your pet as comfortable as possible
Of course your main concern at this point is making sure your pet is comfortable. Make sure they’re cool and hydrated if you’re in a hot country and always check for ticks or any other parasites that might be attracted to them.

Check up at the vets when you get back
This should go without saying but ensure your furry companion is seen to immediately by your home vet and let them know what happened abroad. Hopefully, the illness will be temporary and your pet will be back to its old self once back home and in a comfortable setting.


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