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The ULTIMATE Holiday Packing Guide

The summer holiday season may be over – but there are still plenty of incredible Autumn/Winter holidays to be found across Europe this season!

Whether it’s a trip to Paris or a venture through Europe, packing can be a notoriously difficult challenge.

Luckily, we’re on hand to provide you with the ultimate holiday packing guide to ensure you are ready for the vacation – and ready to depart on an adventure from Holiday Inn Folkestone – Channel Tunnel!

  • Roll, Don’t Fold

Rolling clothes is a great way of saving space, particularly if you are driving to your destination. While folding items is the norm at home, rolling up items such as jeans, trousers and jackets saves a ton of space and allows for more items to be taken!

  • Be Ruthless

Let’s face it, we all want to take our ENTIRE wardrobe on holiday – and having to choose a specific number of outfits can be difficult. However, being ruthless in your selection is ESSENTIAL if you are going to fit everything in when packing.

Cold-weather holidays can be particularly difficult for this as clothes are bigger and bulkier, but choosing to leave that fourth woolly jumper in the house can prove to make a HUGE difference!

  • Leave anything you can buy at your destination

This may not seem like a cost-effective pointer, but you can save huge amounts of time and space by buying at your destination.

Things such as shampoo, conditioners and much more can usually be found at a cheaper price in Europe, while towels and hairdryers will be a staple at most hotels!


So, there you go. Follow these three tips and you will be more than ready to start your Autumnal European adventure from Holiday Inn Folkestone – Channel Tunnel!

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