Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


Maximise Your Packing Space

Packing for your Spring break in Europe can be a real hassle. From making sure you have enough clothes to remembering those all-important toiletries, the battle to fit everything in a seemingly ever-shrinking car can send anyone crazy.

So sit back, grab a cuppa and read up as Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel runs you through our top tips for maximising your packing space.

1) Pack realistically!

It is easy to get carried away when packing for holiday – but remember, this is a short break, not a relocation! Do you REALLY need that extra jumper or pair of shoes? Leaving just a few things at home will make the bag lighter, more compact and easier to store away.

2) Lay out everything first

When you have an idea of the stuff you are going to take on your Europe break, layout out all the items on the floor. This is a great way to visualise just how much you are taking and usually allows for a last-minute rethink of any items you can leave at home!

3) Pack the least valuable things first!

Pack the least-valuable items first. Things like phones, handheld consoles and tablets are going to be used during the journey – don’t face the wrath of your young ones when their favourite games are buried beneath a mountain of clothes!

Snacks can be packed in the back of the seat, the glovebox or in the centre panel – although we’re sure they won’t last very long!

Now you’ve maximised your packing space, your almost ready to venture on your Europe Spring break.

Start your drive off well-rested by getting a good night’s sleep at the Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel! We’ll set you on your way after a good night’s sleep and an Express Start Breakfast!

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