Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


What To Know When Taking Your Pet on Holiday

Taking your pet on holiday to the Continent is on the rise! However, there are several factors to think about when it comes to taking a pet on holiday. Most importantly, is your pet comfortable with travelling? The process can be just as stressful for animals as it is for humans, or even more so. You need to if it is in your animal’s best interests to take them away, or whether he or she would be better off staying at home with someone you trust.


If you do decide to travel with your pet, there are multiple things you will need to organise beforehand. You will need to apply for a pet passport as this is a requirement for travelling in the EU with your pet, a microchip is also needed along with a collar containing your name, holiday address and contact details, lastly you will need all vaccinations as well as flea and worm treatments to be completely up to date before the day of travel.


Now you’re ready to hit the road with your four-legged friend all you have to do is make sure you are fully prepared to take care of them throughout the holiday. Make sure your accommodation is pet-friendly and has all the amenities you will need to take care of your pet.


The Channel Tunnel is the perfect way to travel to the continent with you furry friends as they will be able to stay within the comfort and familiarity of your car with you for the short 35-minute trip it takes to get across to Calais. Make their trip even more relaxed with a stay at Holiday Inn Express Folkestone, the closest hotel to the Channel Tunnel, before hitting the road in Europe!

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