Channel Tunnel Travel Tips


What to do if the Channel Tunnel is shut

What to do if the Channel Tunnel is shut

With many Brits crossing The Channel with their cars this summer, whether it’s a short trip to Paris, a European road trip, or a European classic car event, there is always one question- Channel Tunnel or Ferry? If the Channel Tunnel is closed there really is just one option; or is there?

With the Summer European road trips beginning and the classic car event, Perking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016 coming up soon, we want to make sure you’re well prepared if the Channel Tunnel is closed. Here are a few alternative routes and suggestions for you to be able to get your trip underway smoothly.


Option 1:

Find out more information on the channel tunnel closure. You can find all the latest travel updates at, so keep an eye out. The Channel Tunnel may be closed for just few hours or overnight. If this is the case, we suggest waiting for the tunnel to re-open.

There are many hotels in the area in both England and France to stay overnight ranging in price, so you can pick and choose a hotel that suits you. We we would you to stay with us at the Holiday Inn Express Folkestone- our team will make you get some rest, and head off the next day with a full stomach after the #ExpressBreakfast!


Option 2:

Travel the traditional way! The ferry is a great alternative, with Dover port only a half an hour drive from the Channel Tunnel. Ferries sail 38 times daily to Calais, so the closure will certainly not hold you back for long. If you’re informed of the Channel Tunnel closure before you depart from home, there are many ports for you to choose from which may be more convenient. You should bear in mind that it can take up to an hour and half from Dover to Calais, but on the plus side you get to enjoy the white cliffs of Dover at the start of your journey.

To find different ports, departure times and prices visit

Yes, the Channel Tunnel is probably the quickest and the more efficient way to travel to France by car, however there are other routes to take, so don’t panic, we have got you covered.


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